Record mondial de la plus grosse choucroute servie: 1,5 tonne
homologué au « Guinness des records ».

D'accord, mais quand, où et par qui?

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Quelque chose pour WORLD WILD LIFE WEEK, si votre école participe à "ECO-SCHOOL"

  1. Get the pupils to link French names to English equivalent using cognates - they will need the dictionary for only a few names
  2. Use worksheets to reinforce the French.
  3. Give an A3 map of the world to groups of 5/6 pupils and see how quickly and accurately they can place the wild animals on the map.
  4. Check on the board with a big map (borrowed from the geography department?) or on the smart board (if your school has been blessed with the latest techonology!). Opportunity to look at the names of countries/continents/oceans/seas in French with the pupils.
  5. Little chat about the endangered species and hand out a certificate for the good work!

Enjoy the experience!

Why not also do a game of pairs (pictures on one set/French words on the other set)
If access to smart board and live connection, could do the quiz de l'hippopotame on: (quiz made by a girl in 5ème in a Swiss High School)